Distances and Routes (below)


Level One

50 yard swim

1.75 mile bike

1K run


Level Two

100 yard swim

3.5 mile bike

1K run


Level Three

150 yard swim

3.5 mile bike

2K run



$25 individual child

$50 parent/child team



200 participants total


Level One

1.75 mile bike

1K run


Level Two

3.5 mile bike

1K run


Level Three

3.5 mile bike

2K run



$20 individual child

$40 parent/child team

Family Fun Run



You can run it or walk it.  You can even bring a stroller for kids, big or small.  No pets, please.


Note the change in transition area -- it is on the street this year, not on the grass.

Level 1 participants will swim 50yards (1 lap).

Level 2 participants will swim 100 yards (2 laps).

Level 3 participants will swim 150 yards (3 laps).

Swimmers will form one line for each level.  There will be no waves, but rather a staggered start.  A new swimmer will be introduced into the lane every 10 - 20 seconds. 

Parents with children have the option of swimming side-by-side at the same time with their children or following the regular staggered start.

The pool will open at 8:00 am for warm ups.  At 8:50 am, all participants will be invited to line up. 

Level 3 participants will swim first at 9:00 while Levels 1 & 2 will watch.  Level 3 swimmers will "snake" through all 6 lanes.  Once all Level 3 swimmers have completed their portion of the race, Levels 1 & 2 will begin.  Levels 1 & 2 will also "snake" through their respective lanes.  (Snake through their lanes means that when swimmers come to the end of the lane, they will duck under the lane lines and swim the opposite direction in the new lane.)

More experienced/confident/faster swimmers should be near the front of the line.


Level 1 participants will bike approx 1.75 miles (1 lap).

Level 2 & 3 participants will bike approx 3.5 miles (2 laps).  Participants will be responsible to know which lap they're on.  Volunteers will help guide them either into transition area or to continue on their second lap.

Cyclists will head south out of transition on Stanford.  There's a little jog at Princeton and then continue south to Baylor St.  At Baylor they turn west for 1 block before turning north on Tulane Dr.  At Princeton, turn west, and then south at Matthews St (which then becomes Princeton again).  Follow that southwest until arriving at the frontage road for College Ave.  Take the frontage road north to Columbia and then head east on Columbia all the way to Stover.  At Stover, turn south until arriving at Tulane.  Head west on Tulane.  Turning south on Stanford will take cyclists right back to the transition area in front of the SCCA pool.

Cyclists needing to complete 2 laps will proceed straight south on Stover past Tulane.  They will turn west on Princeton and then merge with other traffic heading south on Stanford from Princeton.

Please pay strict attention to the mount/dismount zones for safety's sake.


Levels 1 & 2 will run 1 km.  Level 3 will run 2 km.

They will follow the bike route for the first portion.  They will cross the finish line in the field. 

Runners will head east out of transition and then south on Stanford.  There's a little jog at Princeton and then continue south to Baylor St.  At Baylor they turn west for 1 block before turning north on Tulane Dr.  Keep going north through Princeton and follow Tulane as it turns northeast.  Once past the school, turn south onto school grounds.  The finish line will be in the field.

Those in Level 3 will run back to Stanford.  Do NOT enter the transition area.  There will be a narrow lane on the west side of the transition area for runners' second lap.

Family Fun Run

NEW START LINE by the triathlon!!!

All participants will run 1K.  The starting line is just south of the triathlon transition area.  Fun runners will follow the same route as the traithlon run, ending on the field like the triathlon.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Fort Collins Children's Triathlon

312 Princeton Rd

Fort Collins, CO 80525


Friday May 19, 2017

5:00 -- Spaghetti dinner & packet pick up

5:30 -- pre-race meeting


Saturday May 20, 2017

7:00 am -- Transition & registration opens

8:00 am -- Pool opens for warming up

8:50 am -- Pool closes, swimmers line up

9:00 am -- First swimmers begin in waves

9:05 am -- Duathlon begins in waves

10:00 am -- Family Fun Run begins in waves

Swim for Free!

We're pleased to announce that race participants (must be registered) can swim for free during Raintree Athletic Club's open swim times. Click here for open swim times.

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